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FCC id

The FCC ID is a unique identifier assigned to devices registered with the federal communications commission. For the legal sale of wireless devices in the United States, manufacturers must:


1. Have the equipment evaluated by an independent laboratory to ensure that it meets FCC standards


2. Provide FCC with documentation of laboratory results


3. Provide equipment related user manuals, documents and photos


4. Digital or physical marking of equipment (approved applications) with a unique identifier provided by the FCC


Compared with UL certification, fc-id is the mandatory certification for wireless products in the United States. The products meet the requirements of the FCC after testing, and the equipment can be authorized by the FCC ID number. Having an FCC ID means that the product meets FCC standards for electromagnetic compatibility in the United States.


Wireless products can only be sold in the United States after obtaining FCC ID. Therefore, generally when wireless products of manufacturers apply for FCC certification, they should first apply for a FRN to fill in the form according to the application process. The applicant of FCC ID will have a permanent Grantee Code, and the application of FCC ID can be inquired. The FCC with online query, query url is: https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid



FCC ID can be obtained when the sample passes the test after submission of the application.


Application materials for FCC ID are as follows:


1. FCC ID label


2. Location of FCC ID tag


3. Application specification


4. Electrical schematic diagram


5. Functional block diagram


6. Principle of action


7. Test report


8. Appearance photo


9. Inside photos


10. Test system configuration diagram 



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