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FCC certification cost

FCC certification to how much money depends on the type of FCC certification to do, do different categories, FCC certification fees are not the same. The previous FCC certification is divided into fc-voc, fc-doc and fc-id. After the promulgation of the latest regulation FCC 10-208, the latest FCC is divided into two categories: fc-sdoc and fc-id, and its certification fee is also different.

FCC Certification

On July 13, 2017, FCC 10-208 act officially took effect, and the federal regulatory commission (FCC) laboratory officially replaced the original FCC2.948 Listed. In addition, the subsequent implementation of the SDoC Verification process will replace the previous Verification and DOC Verification procedures. Devices that conform to the SDoC Verification process need to be reflected on the FCC logo. The FCC after the New Deal is divided into two categories: fc-sdoc and fc-id. So how much does the latest FCC certification after the New Deal cost?


First distinguish whether the product is fc-sdoc or fc-id


1. Ordinary products


For example, electronic scale, humidifier, sweeper, electric fan, etc., if the above products do not have wireless functions, do fc-sdoc.


2. Wireless products


Such as mobile phone, wireless remote control, bluetooth speaker, tablet computer and so on, do fcc-id certification


3. Other wireless products


This refers to the product that can work without wireless function, or with USB interface, and functions as data transmission, which is recommended by fc-sdoc and fc-id certification at the same time.


How much does it cost to do different FCC certifications based on product category evaluation


1. Common products without wireless shall be certified by fc-sdoc, the cost is about 1000-3500 yuan, and the period is 10-15 working days;


2. For wireless products, such as mobile phones, wireless remote controls, bluetooth speakers, tablet computers, etc., fc-id certification needs more than 5,000 yuan and the cycle needs about 4 weeks;


3. For other wireless products, it is suggested that fc-sdoc and fc-id certification should be done at the same time, and the cost will be more than 6000 yuan. For details, please consult EBO online.



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