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Introduction to FCC certification


The FCC, fully known as the Federal Communications Commission, is directly responsible to congress for coordinating national and international Communications by controlling radio, television, telecommunications, satellites, and cables, and is responsible for authorizing and regulating radiofrequency transmission devices and equipment other than those used by the Federal government.


According to the relevant provisions of the U.S. federal communication regulations (CFR 47), all electronic products entering the United States need to be certified as electromagnetic compatibility (FCC). At present, the United States has been the second largest trading partner of China for several years in a row. The trade volume between China and the United States has been on the rise year by year. Therefore, the export to the United States should not be underestimated.


Federal communications commission (FCC) -- regulates the import and use of radio-frequency devices, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmitting equipment, radio-controlled toys, telephones, personal computers, and other products that may harm human safety. If these products want to be exported to the United States, they must be tested and approved according to FCC technical standards by government-authorized laboratories. Importers and customs agents are required to declare that each radio frequency device complies with FCC standards, or FCC licenses.


Among them, there are three models of FCC certification: VOC, DOC and ID, [fccID query at the bottom of the article].



Three types of FCC certification in the United States


1. Fc-voc: this mode belongs to self-verification. Long-term products include AV products, cord-telephone, ordinary household appliances, commercial PCS, and devices applicable to self-verification include commercial computers, TV and FM receivers, and FCC Rule Part 18


Industrial, scientific and medical equipment used by non-mass consumers; The manufacturer or importer shall ensure that its products are tested in an fcc-approved laboratory as necessary to confirm that the products comply with relevant technical standards and keep test reports, and the FCC shall have the right to require the manufacturer to submit test data of equipment samples or products;


2.FCC DOC: statement of compliance, home computers, computer peripherals and peripherals, civil broadcasting receivers, other receivers for FCC Rule Part 15, television interface equipment, cable system terminal equipment and industrial, scientific and medical equipment for general consumer use in Part 18; Responsible for a particular device (general manufacturer or importer) as specified in the FCC qualified testing agency for product testing, to ensure that equipment is in conformity with relevant technical standards and retain inspection report, the FCC has the right to demand that is responsible for the party to submit the sample of the equipment or the testing data of the product, the product through the DOC and the test report after the test, vendor can label the FCC logo on products, sales of the American market;


3. The FCC - ID: this is the CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATION FCC - ID CERTIFICATION is suitable for low power transmitters such as cordless telephone, automatic door remote control, wireless remote control toys and security alarm system, Part 15 of the deliberate radio-frequency energy equipment, Part 18 mass consumer use of industrial, scientific research and medical equipment, automatic frequency conversion receiver and super-regenerative receiver, TV interface device, and home computer and its peripherals.

The product shall pass the test room approved by FCC, and after obtaining the test report, sort out the technical information of the product, including the product details photo, block diagram, user manual, etc., and send it to the test room of FCC TCB together with the test report. FCC TCB test room confirms all materials are correct, and issues a certificate, authorizing an FCC ID number;

For customers applying for FCC CERTIFICATION for the first time, they should first apply to the FCC for a number -GRANTEE CODE. After the product passes the test and CERTIFICATION, they can mark the FCC ID number on the product and sell it to the us market.


FCC certification standard


The main standards of FCC are as follows, among which FCC PART 15 and PART 18 are widely applied:

Scope of FCC standards

FCC PART15 C/E/F             intended radiation device test

FCC PART 18                       industrial, scientific, and medical devices

FCC PART 22                       public mobile communications services

FCC PART 24                       personal communications service

FCC PART 25                       satellite communications services

FCC PART 27                       other FCC wireless communications services

FCC PART 68                       telecommunications terminal equipment


FCC Part 15 provides for intentional, unintentional, or instantaneous transmission equipment that does not require a personal license for use. It includes technical specifications, administrative requirements and other market access conditions.


The products are mainly divided into four categories: unintentional launching equipment, intended launching equipment, personal communication equipment without a license, and basic information equipment from countries without a license.


FCC Part 18 provides for the emission of electromagnetic energy from industrial, scientific, and medical devices (ISM) operating on a certain spectrum to prevent harmful interference with authorized wireless communications services.




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