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FCC certification

Where to apply for FCC certificate? How much does it cost?

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FCC is the abbreviation of the federal communications commission in the United States, and also the abbreviation of the mandatory electronic product certification in the United States. It is divided into three categories: ID, DOC and VOC. FCC certification is aimed at the requirements of electronic and electrical products entering the us market. Many electronic products, radio products, communication products and digital products that want to enter the us market must obtain FCC certification before they can flow in the us market.
FCC certification
How much is FCC certification?
Speaking of which, a lot of people want to know. In general, we are still the most concerned about the price issue, the following small series to tell you how much to do an FCC certification generally need? This is a question many people ask. In fact, the specific cost of FCC certification depends on specific requirements. Different certification requirements, certification costs vary greatly.
First, let's look at the three FCC certification forms. There are three types: VOC, DOC and FCC ID.
The main difference between these three categories is that they correspond to different product categories.
1. Common products can do VOC.
2. DOC is required for products connected to the computer and lamps with ballasts. DOC lab can do it;
3, wireless product ID
But from a testing standpoint, the easiest form of VOC certification is DOC, and the most complex is FCC ID. Therefore, these three types of certification form fees, generally speaking, VOC->DOC->FCC ID increases successively.
FCC certification cycle:
Generally, it takes about 1 week for a product to apply for FCC certification. If it is a complicated product, the time for FCC certification is relatively long
FCC certification process
1: customer inquiry
2. Confirm the price and time of FCC certification
3: sign the contract and pay the expenses
4. Fill in the application form and submit samples for inspection
5: the product shall be tested by FCC
6: FCC certificate report issued by the laboratory
Required information for FCC certificate:
1. Prepare 2-3 samples
2: certification application form
3: product manual
4: parts list
5: circuit schematic diagram




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