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FCC certification

How do I get an FCC certificate?

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Products exported to the United States, there are also requirements for products, need to do FCC certification to sell in the United States market.
Electrical/electronic equipment manufacturers selling their products in the United States must ensure that their equipment does not electromagnetic interfere with other products or cause harm to the public. Under CFR chapter 47, the federal communications commission (FCC) oversees and implements this requirement. Most products that emit rf energy need to be tested and certified to be marketed or sold in the United States.
When manufacturers sell equipment without proper approval, they may be fined and their products and profits may be impounded. When your product is ready for mass production and sale to the U.S. market, your device needs to be FCC tested to see if it can interfere with other devices, broadcast within the correct radio frequency range, and meet other telecommunications requirements.
FCC certification
So how do you get an FCC certificate?
Step 1: application (fill in the application form, company information form and provide product information)
Step 2: quotation (determine the test standard, test time and corresponding cost according to the data provided)
Step 3: payment (after the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement and pay the full project fee.)
Step 4: test (the laboratory shall conduct a full set of tests on the applied products and the relevant model difference tests according to the relevant American testing standards)
Step 5: pass the test and complete the report
Step 6: upon completion of the project, issue the FCC VOC certificate
The factory keeps the type test report of FCC VOC products
Through the above steps, you can obtain the product FCC certification




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