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How long is the validity of the FCC certificate?

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  How long is the validity of the FCC certificate?

  An FCC certification is still valid and does not expire,which means that completely unchanged products do not have to be recertified(unless the standard is updated)and may require recertification based on the original FCC certification if minor changes are made to the equipment or equipment configuration.

  After November 2,2017,THE FCC began to implement the SDoC and formally cancel the FCC DOC and FCC VOC certification after November 2,2018.

  We are FCC accredited and accredited as an official laboratory so that we can perform all the relevant regulatory tests required to initiate the approval process.In addition to the necessary tests,we can also provide you with the processing of the certification process through TCB to obtain full FCC certification from a single source.

  Our certification laboratories in North America and Europe have multiple approved TCB's and we provide testing and approval services in accordance with all FCC standards.

  These include:

  FCC sections 22,24 and 27 for GSM/WCDMA/LTE equipment

  FCC Part 15.247 for Bluetooth/WLAN 802.11b/G/N(2.4ghz)

  FCC Part 15.407 for WLAN 802.11 A/N/AC(5 GHz)

  FCC Part 15.245(902-928 MHz band,ISM Band)

  FCC Part 15.225 for RFID(13.56 MHz)

  FCC Part 25,For satellite communications equipment

  FCC Part 90 applies to private land mobile devices

  FCC part 95 for personal radio equipment

  Conduct HAC tests in accordance with FCC regulations

  DFS testing of devices operating in the 5.25-5.35ghz and 5.47-5.725ghz frequency ranges.FCC part 15,molecule E.

  Conduct SAR tests in accordance with FCC rules

  FCC certification can also be seen as the basis for approval for many human rights around the world,as the relevant testing scope covers a large number of local requirements.These include Mexico,Chile or Argentina.Contrary to popular belief,FCC certification in the U.S.market is not synonymous with Regulatory approval in Canada.




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