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FCC certification for folding fan

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Electronic devices that enter the U.S. require electromagnetic compatibility certification, or FCC certification, of part 47 of Federal Communications regulations.FCC certification is currently divided into two FCCsDoc certification and FCCID certification.


FCC SDOC introduction: On November 2, 2017, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially decided to change the DoC&VoC Program into SDOC, with the purpose of simplifying the certification process of wireless devices in FCC certification and clarifying the usage specifications of electronic tags.FCCSDoC was fully implemented on November 2, 2018.During the transition period from November 2, 2017 to November 2, 2018, enterprises may continue to use FCC Voc and Doc certification programs or directly use the new FCC SDoc certification programs during the one-year transition period.After one year's transition period, THE F CCSDoc certification program will formally replace the original FCC Voc and Doc certification methods.


Fcc-id is one of the mandatory FCC certification modes in the United States, which is suitable for wireless products with great technical difficulties.Products with wireless transmission frequency, such as Bluetooth devices, WiFi devices, wireless alarm devices, radio receiving and transmission devices, telephones, computers, etc., need to apply for FC-ID certification.The certification of wireless products is directly approved by CC TCB, and can be checked by FCC in the United States.The time cycle is 3-4 weeks, there is no need for factory inspection, if the product standard is not changed, then it is effective all the time.


FCC regulated products such as personal computers, CD players, photocopiers, radios, fax machines, video game consoles, electronic toys, televisions, and microwave ovens.These products are divided into CLASSA and CLASSB according to their USES. Category A is products for commercial or industrial use, while Category B is products for domestic use. FCC has stricter regulations on Category B products with lower limits than Category A. For most electronic and electrical products, the main standards are FCCPart 15 and FCCPart18.


RF equipment specified by FCC Certification: All RF equipment falls under the JURISDICTION of the FCC. The type of RF equipment determines the scope of the FCC rules.Intentional radiators include mobile phones, garage door openers, wireless and Bluetooth connections, radio transmitters and broadcasting equipment.


Folding fan FCC certification for third-party testing agencies?Shenzhen GeWEI testing agency has rich experience and successful cases for testing and certification both at home and abroad. The above is related to FCC certification. If you need to consult related business, you can directly call 4008-258-120 to consult our staff to get detailed cost quotation and cycle information!



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