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How to apply for FCC ID number and what materials are requir

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Many customers ask how to apply for FCCID for the first time, so let's talk about how to apply for FCCID.
The FCC certification
I. application process of FCC ID certification
(1) apply for an FRN first. Since the applicant is applying for FCC ID for the first time, it is necessary to apply for a permanent Grantee Code; For the first application ID, the fee for applying Grantee Code is 60USD.
(2) data to be prepared for FCC ID certification:
1.FCC ID Label
2.FCC ID Label Location
3. The applicant is in the User Manual
4.Schematic Diagram or manufacturer
5.Block Diagram
6.Theory of Operation
7.Test Report
8.External Photos
9.Internal Photos
10.Test Setup Photos
(3) data review;
(4) testing
(5) obtain the certificate
(6) precautions: prototype
1. Provide at least one qualified prototype for each model applying for certification. (two or more are recommended)
2. The provided prototype must be guaranteed to be officially qualified, and its internal electrical structure and appearance must be consistent with the future export batch prototype.
3. The trademark model on the prototype must be clear and reliable.
Ii. FCC ID certification data
1. Full name and detailed address of the manufacturer and the applicant for certification.
2. A copy of the installation and operation manual of the certified product to be provided to the user. (if the product does not already have a user manual, a draft copy of the relevant content can be provided)
3. Product electrical schematic diagram and working principle description. (if the product has an earth or antenna, it should be described)
4. The working oscillation frequency table of relevant products shall list the signal propagation path and corresponding oscillation frequency. Other product features that need to be explained.
Iii. Remarks on FCC ID certification
1. Relevant documents should be in both Chinese and English.
2. In order to shorten the certification period, the information provided should preferably be in the form of electronic documents.
3. In the process of certification, the enterprise may be required to submit additional relevant materials for some special circumstances.
4. Apply for FCC ID report and register online with FCC ID.
5. The product specification must contain warnings.
Above is the FCCID number application method introduced by ebo testing for you. For more information about FCC certification, please feel free to contact us.



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