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How much does it cost to do an FCC certification?

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FCC certification is required for electronic products exported to the United States. If there is no FCC certificate, I am afraid that the United States customs can not pass. So need to export the products of the United States, must know to do the FCC certification of the United States how much money?
FCC certification
Below, introduce the price of FCC certification according to product category:
I. AV, IT, lamps, small appliances, etc.
Inevitable, keyboard, earphone, small night light, electric fan, street lamp, speaker and so on.
Applicable FCC certification mode is: FCC SDOC. The certification fee for this kind of products is relatively low, about RMB1000-3000.
Ii. Wireless products
Wireless products are relatively complex.
The frequency is divided as follows:
1. Transmission frequency: 125KHz, 13.5MHz
Typical products: door diameter card reader, bus card reader;
2. Transmission frequency: 27MHz, 49MHz
Typical products: remote control toys, wireless mouse, non-professional walkie-talkie;
3. Transmission frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz(intermittent, periodic products, remote control toys are prohibited)
Typical products: remote control switch, wireless doorbell, anti-theft device, BabyMonitor;
4. Transmission frequency: 88-108mhz
Typical products: FM transmitter;
5. Transmission frequency: 902-928mhz, 2400-2483.5mhz, 5725-5850mhz
Typical products: remote control toys, wireless mouse, bluetooth, WIFI, transmitter;
Such wireless communication products need to do FCC ID certification, the price is more expensive, according to the frequency range, the fee is different. The cost varies from thousands to tens of thousands.



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